Some of our Past Projects

We undertake highly specialized technology projects involving multidisciplinary in-house and 3rd party R&D teams covering varied research areas

  • Pipelines and vessel leak detection
  • Industrial safety controllers
  • Sensor data processing
  • Nanotechnology thin film sensors
  • Geophone seismic Sensors
  • Heavy duty high reliability servomechanisms
  • Submersible deep-water control systems
  • Fluid dynamics of multiphase flow
  • Fluid-structure sensing technology
  • Cybersecurity encryption
  • Robotized industrial Vehicles
  • Mission-specific industrial controllers
  • Machine learning system for integrity assessment
  • Artificial intelligence systems applied to industrial equipment
  • Underground intruder sensing technology
  • Subsea Pressure Sensors
  • Submersible data transmission systems
  • Submersible data transmission systems