About Us

ADVANTIER has roots in the supply of added value products and services in the Oil & Gas industry. Over the years we evolved as a supplier of a specialized mission specific products, sophisticating our specialty portfolio and extending it into the energy market.

The success of our operations and response of our customers in oil and gas led us to create a dedicated business line under our young ADVANTIER organization to support our customers in the technically demanding and steadily growing energy sector. Our team of professionals count individually with more than 20 years of experience. We count with a highly specialized team of professionals with decades of exposure to technology development projects that normally require meeting mission-specific solutions technically demanding industries.

ADVANTIER is headquartered in Luxembourg. We have emerged as a partner-of-choice for leading international companies for the following reasons:

  • We have Successfully proven our capability with clients from a wide variety of sectors
  • Our solid work planning guarantees an effective delivery model
  • Our team of engineers and professionals work across multiple disciplines and fully integrate with our clients work teams.
  • We improve your global footprint and your competitiveness
  • Our accuracy, timeliness and perspective of nurturing long-term relationships have ensured client satisfaction.
  • Our experience with clients from various cultures and industries allows us to understand and adapt better to the different contexts